A domain name is the most important internet asset. It is the front door of a business, which ideally needs to be short, east to remember and authoritative, making it trustworthy and highly brandable.

Owning a Premium Domain Name does require a significant investment, however the lasting benefits of a highly desirable asset outweigh the initial cost. This is because a non-premium domain name which costs very little to purchase (or even available to register) will most likely require a huge, ongoing marketing effort to get the message across of your business, costing significantly more in the long run.

Liquid Domains can come in the form of acronyms, for example ‘NASA’ used for ‘National Aeronautics and Space Administration’. There are many combinations of three and four letter domains that would be a perfect fit for many businesses and organisations around the world.  Then there are abbreviations such as ‘Meta’ for ‘Metaverse’, again a four letter word representing a huge industry. For these reasons, domains such as these become premium and most sought after.