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Liquid.Domains is the brokerage service for very short .com liquid domains. We can help with the buying and selling of 2 and 3 letter domains, 2,3,4 and 5 number domains, 2 character domains and one-word English domains

There are no upfront costs. Our fee is 10% following a successful transaction. For that, we use escrow.com, an online escrow payment service that is regulated and audited for transacting safely, securely and confidentially

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Acronym, Numeric

A domain name is the most important internet asset. It is the front door of a business, which ideally needs to be short, east to remember and authoritative, making it trustworthy and highly brandable.

Owning a Premium Domain Name does require a significant investment, however the lasting benefits of a highly desirable asset outweigh the initial cost. This is because a non-premium domain name which costs very little to purchase (or even available to register) will most likely require a huge, ongoing marketing effort to get the message across of your business, costing significantly more in the long run.

Memorable • Trustworthy • Brandable


No Commitments or Contracts

If you are considering selling a Liquid Domain whilst working with a broker who does not charge an UPFRONT COST, whose fees are LOWER THAN THE INDUSTRY AVERAGE and require NO EXCLUSIVITY, then you have come to the right place.

No Upfront Cost • Low Fees • No Exclusivity


What are Liquid Domains?

There are certain categories of domains called Liquid Domains. These types of domains can be sold in a short period of time for at least an industry accepted floor/minimum price based on similar sales. The categories of Liquid Domain that we work with are of 2 and 3 letters, 2,3,4 and 5 numbers, and 2 character domains mainly in the .com extension, however some other extensions are also considered.      

How valuable are Liquid Domains?

There are a number of characteristics of a domain that make it more valuable. The extension is a key characteristic with .com being the most widely used and sought after. For character length, the shorter the better as they are generally easy to remember and more brandable. In terms of Age, older domains have more value as the best domains are usually registered first.

Other factors include the ‘radio test’, is it easy to spell the domain name correctly when hearing it? A domain can be more valuable if the usage is not limited to a specific niche or even a specific industry.

Liquid Domains price ranges:

2 letter domains from 6-7 figures

3 letter domains from 5-8 figures

2 number domains from 7-8 figures

3 number domains from 6-8 figures

4 number domains from 4-6 figures

5 number domains from 3-5 figures

2 character domains from 5-6 figures

How does the domain transfer work?

The transfer of the domain and funds are completed at escrow.com. To begin with, the buyer, seller and Liquid.Domains agree on terms. Then, the buyer pays escrow.com after which the seller transfers the domain to escrow.com. The buyer then approves and receives the domain, and finally escrow.com pays seller and Liquid.Domains.

We are happy to work with the most trusted online escrow service in the world. Escrow.com is licensed, bonded, and audited for its safety, operations, compliance and to protect public funds.

What are the fees for selling my domain?

There are three great financial benefits working with Liquid.Domains!

1.We do not charge an upfront cost to promote your domain to prospective clients

2.The escrow fees associated with escrow.com will be deducted from our payment (Liquid.Domains) and not yours (the seller)

3.The industry average brokerage fees are 15% and sometimes more. At Liquid.Domains, you only pay 10%

Where can I see similar sales?

DN Journal is a great resource where you can view the highest reported domain sales every two weeks at dnjournal.com/domainsales. You can analyze domain sales from different categories and extensions. There is also a Year-to-date top 100 sales chart. If you want to dive even deeper, then visit dnjournal.com/archive/domainsales-archive for sales records going way back to 2003. At namebio.com, you can search domain sales based on keyword, pattern, extension etc

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